Selecting the Right Provider for My Startup

Choosing the provider that will help you build your product

"I've finished the startup foundation module. As a non-technical CEO, I feel more confident and more prepared to launch my project. I will meet a developer soon and I now know what I can expect from him and most of all what he might expect from me—clear specifications! I am now able to describe what I want from my MVP and to share it."

- Lionel Malardé




This is such an exciting moment: choosing the provider that will help you build your startup product. Exciting but also CRITICAL, as you are going to spend up to $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 on a company that you might have never worked with before. Looking back at all the startups I have helped that had already worked with a provider, only half of them were actually very happy with their provider‘s work.

How is that possible?

Well, because startups do not have the same management style that classical corporations have.

In this course, what I'll teach you to do is follow an evaluation framework with a very practical approach. The methodology is quite simple. We will analyze all the factors that can indicate the strengths and weaknesses of your provider.

Sure, my recommendation will not always be able to pick up the best provider overall because that might also be the most expensive. Instead, I will show you how to focus on your provider‘s weaknesses so that you will pay more attention to them during the project. This process will enable you to work with an inexpensive provider while still keeping your project safe.

So, are you ready to make one of your startup's most important decisions?

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Amaury KHELIFI has been working in the IT industry for 15 years and has dedicated himself in the last few years to the tech startup environment.

Having had the experience of launching his own startup and managing its ups and downs, Amaury has decided to impart his extensive entrepreneurial experience by evaluating the steps he did wrong and sharing how he should have done things differently. Since closing down his company, he has helped more than 30 startups avoid pitfalls and secure their IT management infrastructure while maintaining a focus on their core business.

With a highly technical skill set, training experience and in-depth knowledge of the startup environment, Amaury meets exactly what founders and CTOs need at the early stages of their startup's development. An entrepreneur at heart, he is always looking for opportunities to help people launch new ventures and make them grow.



Entrusting your project to someone else is a daunting task that happens to have a lot of zeros attached to it, so it’s pivotal that you make the right choice. On this series of videos, you’ll learn what to look for when selecting a provider and how to make sure they’re right for you.

But it’s also safe to say that this is not a one-way street. Creating the best product possible is not only your provider’s responsibility, but also your own. In this course, you'll also dive into what you can do beforehand to make your provider’s job simpler and to give you a satisfying result.

"I want to thank Amaury for his help and all the advice he gave to us. Very flexible, he listened closely to the problems we dealt with. He proposed relevant solutions that we have applied. I recommend that you contact him for any questions in relation with your business. I hope to work with him again on our project as soon as possible."

- Mathieu Gouedard



We’ve prepared an Excel Worksheet for you to use during this process. We’ll show you how to make the most out of it throughout the course by analyzing every provider in a tangible way and basing your decisions on that information.

Then, we'll jump right into understanding the strengths of your prospective provider from a distance. Find out how to start the process by contacting previous clients, scanning the provider’s portfolio for similar projects, and checking out the team’s stability.

Find out how you can start off on the right foot with your provider and their developers. Make sure you’re dealing with someone in-line with your own ideas, who is willing to teach, learn about you, and share his work with you from the get-go.




To help you with the entire process of choosing your provider to build your product, we've put together all these materials that you'll get instant and complete access to when you purchase the course:

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Startups are ever-changing businesses, and you need someone that can keep up. A stern hand is also a plus, if you happen to have unrealistic expectations, you need someone to ground and guide you in the right direction. These are just some of the must-haves we’ll go though in this video.

We’ll cover QCD Methodology for startups, what to ask for in quality assurance, and software testing. We'll also start delving into taking into account what your provider may not be able to bring to the table, and preparing to make up for it yourself.



This one might seem a little tricky when technology is not your strong suit. But don’t let yourself be intimidated. We’ll cover a few basics on what solutions and languages are the best to reach your goals while keeping it simple, and how to check if how comfortable your provider is with them as they explain their resources to you.

Now, zeros and dollar signs are terms we can easily follow, right? Well, in fact, price shouldn’t be a decisive factor. Instead, we should only use it to weed out some extreme out-of-range companies and as a guideline to organize your priorities and the delivery process, instating the Milestones Payment Methodology. In the first few sessions, we’ve talked about evaluating the provider’s ability to complete the project and whether they are fit to your company’s values. Now we need to tackle your provider’s willingness and commitment to your vision. If you entrust your dream to someone else, you’ll want a solid and reliable hands to complete it.

"Mastering the development of the application and the interactions surrounding it, Amaury was able to listen for our needs and created solutions that worked."

- Emmanuelle Champaud



We are almost there. The only thing left is to evaluate yourself and what you have to offer. We’ll find out in what areas are you able to provide support, and cross-reference that with your prospective provider’s weaknesses. This opens the possibility of a give-and-take relationship that fits your needs at a competitive price. Ready to choose a provider? Click the ENROLL button to start.

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